The Pacific Swing Dance Archive is a project of Pacific Swing Dance Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation established in 2018.

The mission of the Archive is to collect, preserve, and promote the history of Swing dance. The Archive has conducted hundreds of hours of interviews with dancers and is engaged in an ongoing process of preserving historical objects for future dancers and researchers.

Current Projects

Thanks to support from our patrons, we are able to conduct a number of ongoing projects, including:

  • Living History Interviews with Sylvia Sykes and other Swing dance legends.
  • Building out our digital archive (this site) as well as our forthcoming YouTube channel.
  • Producing video, audio, and written content of interest to swing dance enthusiasts and historical researchers.
  • Establishing a physical archive where we collect, preserve, and protect documents, memorabilia, artifacts, and other physical assets relevant to the history of Swing dancing and Swing culture.